SDITE is governed by a Board of Directors. The Southern District Board consists of the District President, Vice President and Secretary-Treasurer, the International Director for the District (District Director), the immediate District Past President, the District Administrator and Representatives from each Section. Each Section is represented by one Section Representative for each 100 District members, or major fraction thereof. The District Administrator serves as an ex-officio member of the District Board and does not vote.

A sub-unit of the District Board is the Executive Board.

2016 SDITE District Representatives
  • Alabama – Becky Rogers
  • Deep South – Jeff Smith, Tom Swanson
  • Georgia – Alan Davis, Richard Fangmann, Scott Zehngraff
  • Kentucky – Steve Cummins
  • North Carolina – Terry Arellano, Todd Brooks
  • South Carolina – Lori Campbell
  • Tennessee – Karen Anderson, Jonathan Cleghon, Ben Ledsinger
  • Virginia – Ric Lowman, Christine Potocki
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