Much of the work of the Southern District is accomplished through committees. The committee chairs are appointed by the Southern District Board of Directors and anyone interested in serving on a committee is encouraged to contact their District Representative or a District Officer.

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The Audit Committee is responsible for reviewing the financial books from the previous year. They conduct an audit of the District financial records for the past year at Annual Meeting and present a report to the membership at Annual Business Meeting. The Audit Committee is chaired by the incoming SDITE Secretary-Treasurer.

The Awards Committee reviews nominations and selects recipients of the following awards:

  • Herman Hoose Distinguished Service Award
  • Marble Hensley Outstanding Individual Activity Award
  • John F. Exnicios Government Employee Outstanding Service Award
  • Joseph Thomas Young Member Award
  • Excellence in Transportation Engineering Education Award
  • Outstanding Private Sector Award
  • Outstanding Section Award

The Audit Committee is chaired by the outgoing SDITE Immediate Past President.

The Education and Student Chapter Committee’s purpose is to promote student activity within the district and to increase students’ desire to become transportation professionals. We at Southern District love our organization and we want students to love it too. The committee encourages involvement and increases awareness among students, chapter advisors, and chapter liaisons. The committee is responsible for the student chapter competitions, student paper competitions, and formation of new student chapters.

The Chairman of the Historic Records Committee serves as the Southern District Historian and ensures that District records of lasting value are compiled and retained in a central repository under his or her care.

The Annual Meeting Local Arrangements Committee (LAC) is responsible for planning and hosting the District Annual Meeting. The committee is responsible for everything from hotel arrangements to the technical program. The committee is chaired by the SDITE Annual Meeting General Chairman.

Member Services is an umbrella title for the six active committees that work to provide our membership things they need to be active leaders in the transportation profession. We started out as the Strategic Planning Team, but we were so busy accomplishing things that we were not doing strategic planning. Frequently the work of the teams overlaps.

  • Annual Meeting (SPAM) Team provides assistance to the Local Arrangements Committee (LAC) for each year’s Annual Meeting. Team members are either former chairs of the LAC or future LAC chairs. The former chairs are a wealth of information for the future chairs.
  • Information, Communication and Outreach (IC&O) Team delivers timely information to our membership via social media, the website, and our newsletter. Outreach efforts are intended to publicize our purpose to the general public.
  • Leadership Development Team is responsible for the training we offer our members so they can become highly effective leaders. The training is offered at the Section level, but we frequently have a module of the training at our Annual Meeting.
  • Technical Knowledge Team keeps our members abreast of technical activities, emerging issues, and technologies as well as the best practices within our District. This team serves as a resource for the chair of the technical committee that is responsible for the program at the Annual Meeting.
  • Workforce Development Team is interested in recruiting, equipping, retaining, and mentoring transportation professionals. The entire span of one’s career is covered with the activities of this team.
  • Young Members Team was added to our umbrella in 2016. This team runs the Young Member Scholarship program for attending the Annual Meeting. In addition, they work on social activities for fostering relationships amongst our members.
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International ITE membership is required in order to be a member of the Southern District. Membership applications are reviewed by ITE. The Membership Committee is chaired by the SDITE Vice President and prepares reports on membership statistics of the District for presentation at SDITE Board Meetings.

The Nominations Committee is responsible for soliciting candidates for the various SDITE elected offices and selecting a slate to run for office for the next year. The Committee is chaired by immediate Past-President and contains one person from each Section (normally the Section’s immediate past president). One or more candidates are nominated for President (current Vice-President) and for Vice-President (current Secretary-Treasurer), at least two for Secretary-Treasurer. Every third year, nominees are selected for District Director.

The Strategic Plan Committee is responsible for maintaining and updating the SDITE Strategic Plan.

The Southern District initiated a Traffic Bowl competition at the District Annual Meeting in 2005. Each Section may send one team of students to compete in the Traffic Bowl. The Deep South Section can send two teams because it comprises two states (Louisiana and Mississippi).