Imagine SDITE: The 2022 Strategic Plan (Executive Summary)

Imagine SDITE: The 2022 Strategic Plan (Executive Summary)

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“Imagine SDITE”, the 2022 Strategic Plan for SDITE, was presented at the SDITE 2017 Annual Meeting in Columbia, SC. The last major update to the strategic plan came in 2010.

Over the course of the next several months, a detailed summary of each goal area of the plan will be published.

Click below to view the Executive Summary of the SDITE 2022 Strategic Plan.


SDITE would like to thank the Core Planning Team members for their efforts in development of the plan.

  • Richard Atkins
  • Rob Baker
  • Jennifer Bihl
  • Meredith Emory
  • Chris Kirby
  • Hollis Loveday
  • David Low
  • Bob Murphy
  • Cindy Pionke
  • Steve Strength
  • Lindsay Walker
  • Scott Walker
  • Becky White (Chair)
  • Tim White

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