SDITE Strategic Planning Initiative

SDITE Strategic Planning Initiative

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IMAGINE . . . . Imagine a future in which every transportation professional in the southeastern United States is a member of SDITE. Or perhaps a future in which SDITE leads all other organizations in transportation advocacy, education or innovation. What future do you imagine for SDITE? What initiatives would take the best of our past and propel us into an even better future? This year we will work together to answer these and many more questions through a new Strategic Planning initiative we are calling “Imagine SDITE”.

Imagine SDITE will launch at the SDITE Annual Meeting in Nashville with several interactive activities including a brainstorming session at the Sunday afternoon Board meeting, a branding activity for all conference attendees in the registration area, and focus group sessions on Monday and Tuesday afternoon. We’re calling the focus groups Imagine Sessions. These will be small discussion groups that meet for 45 minutes to share ideas. You can sign up to attend an Imagine Session at the registration desk when you arrive in Nashville.

Throughout the remainder of 2016, we will use The Connector to provide updates, surveys, and opportunities for involvement in the Imagine SDITE process. We hope each of our members will make an effort to participate and help us create the best future for SDITE that we can imagine.

If at any time during this planning process you have questions or input that you would like us to consider, don’t hesitate to contact me or one of our Planning Team members: Richard Atkins, Robert Baker, Jennifer Bihl, Carla Holmes, Chris Kirby, Hollis Loveday, David Low, Bob Murphy, Cindy Pionke, Steve Strength, Lindsay Walker, Scott Walker, and Tim White.

I look forward to seeing you in Nashville!

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