ITE 15K Membership Campaign

ITE will conduct a membership campaign beginning March 15, 2017 and ending on July 21, 2017, just prior to the kick-off of the Joint CITE-ITE Annual Meeting and Exhibit. Our goal is to add 500 NEW, fully paid ITE members during the campaign and bring our total number of members over 15,000 in 2017. We will be working this campaign on 3 levels:

  1. Section level (with District support)
  2. Individual level with a member get a member program
  3. ITE-HQ level


There are two contests as a part of this campaign: one at the Section level and one at the individual level. ITE will provide a status report every 2 weeks for the duration of the campaign.

The contests are based on adding new, paid ITE members. ITE will count as a new member, individuals who have either never paid ITE dues or have not been a paid member since 12/31/2012.

Section Contest
  • The three Sections with the largest percentage increase in paid memberships (counting those that we define as new) will be the winners.
  • Top three highlighted at Annual Meeting and in other ITE communications (Journal, Social Media, Spotlite)
  • Financial incentive for section winners: 1st place = $2,500, 2nd place = $1,000, and 3rd place = $500
  • Sections will get credit for every new, paid member that signs up in this time period.
Individual Contest
  • Individuals will get credit for new, paid members when a new member joins and notes that a particular person recommended they join. We will collect this information both online and by paper forms.
  • For every new person that joins and indicates a person who asked them to join, the person who recommended the membership will receive a 50% discount on an ITE webinar, good through 12/31/2017.
  • The individual who signs up the most new, paid members will receive a complimentary registration to the 2018 ITE Annual Meeting.
  • The winner will be highlighted at the Annual Meeting and in other ITE communications (Journal, Social Media, Spotlite)


ITE-HQ will have a Marketing Toolbox available to all the Districts and Sections. This toolbox will include videos, html/pdf emails, graphics for their website, flyers, and brochures. The Toolbox will be available on March 1 through Dropbox.

  1. Videos
    • Ask every Section and District to add the membership videos to their website
    • Ask that they consider playing them prior to meetings, especially during the membership campaign
    • Video on the ITE-HQ membership page
    • ITE-HQ video promotion in social media
  2. Emails
    • PDF/HTML emails to all the Districts and Sections
    • PDF/HTML emails from ITE to prospects
  3. Websites
    • In addition to the video, graphics with Join Now on all the ITE websites (International, District, Section)
  4. Special “Member Get a Member” Form to sign individuals up and include the name of the person signing them up.
  5. Additional Printed Materials
    • Flyers and brochures distributed to the Districts and Sections
  6. Webinars
    • Conduct two non-member webinars – give people an opportunity to see all the benefits
  7. Social Media Campaign
  8. Special edition(s) of Spotlite to non-members
  9. Advertising ITE membership prior to ITE-HQ webinars


  1. Past members
  2. Those who have never been members but in the ITE database
  3. Section Affiliates that have been provided to ITE
  4. At the Section and District level, their listings of those who are not paid ITE International Members
  5. Individuals personal outreach to individuals they know are non-members

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